Lyrical Daggerz

Take a listen to this epic track produced by Kannibal featuring Caper and Killarmy. The track consists of nothing but sharp lyrical daggerz flying at your head. It’s been awhile since we heard Killarmy together on a track and this track is very surprising for me and I just had to buy the single for my new system. It’s dope and love how it still has the wu-tang sound. Caper’s flow is very consistent with the wu-tang sound and he doesn’t sound out of place on this dope track I really can’t wait for the rest of caper’s album “Illah Gorrilaz” it seems to have a very dope sound and real hip hop sound.

Caper last dropped his album “Lords of Chaos” which featured 9th prince and  Beretta 9 aka Kinetic 9″ along with other well known underground hip-hop artists.  Lately, he has been releasing new singles from his upcoming album. Its weird to me because the album is still in the making yet he continues to release singles from the album that’s in the making. But in my opinon, I am really loving what he is releasing. It helps to keep that real hip hop out there to the masses.


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