Codenine & Paranom

01. April (prod. by Karnate)
02. 24K Cufflinks feat. Estee Nack (prod. by Karnate)
03. Opaque (prod. by Rzo)
04. Steak & Eggs feat. Daniel Son (prod. by IconCurties)
05. Perfect Balance (prod. by Karnate)
06. Gold Label Reserve feat. Estee Nack (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
07. Million Dollar Mink (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
08. Amethyst Chessboard (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
09. Rooftop Patio (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
10. Sky Pivot (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
11. June (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
12. Titanic Glaciers (prod. by Mr. Rose)
13. Chxken Spot (prod. by Grubby Pawz)
14. Crown Royal Bags feat. Estee Nack (prod. by Grubby Pawz)
15. Harland & Wolf feat. King Asiatic Allah (prod. by Karnate)
16. Bless The Count (prod. by Karnate)
17. Feng Shui (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
18. Cornucopia (prod. by Chronic Tone)


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